Let SalesChain help you to design and implement an order processing and fulfillment workflow that match your style of work, resource level, and product and service requirements.

Our customized approach makes SalesChain work the way you work, and with bi-directional integration to e-Automate, all of the work being done in one system passes through to the other to avoid duplicated work for maximum productivity. 

On the right is a PDF example of an order fulfillment workflow for copier products.  Your workflow may include additional or potentially fewer steps, and SalesChain’s workflow experts are standing by, equipped to handily assist you in  determining exactly how our system can match your business’ groove. Click on the image to view the full PDF which includes examples of a delivery schedule, delivery desk viewer, and delivery dashboard.

To start optimizing your workflow, and getting more done in less time, or simply to learn more, click the button below to request a demo of the SalesChain system for yourself.

SalesChain Delivery Workflow

Workflow Template for Copier Fulfillment