The Life Cycle of an Order

SalesChain’s two-way integration with e-Automate automates every step of the Order Fulfillment workflow after a deal is signed. This is a collaboration. And with seamless interaction between the two systems, your delivery workflow can be tracked and measured to ensure unparalleled efficiency – helping you to deliver products faster with larger profit margins.


Orders have a life cycle. A number of the steps in this life are tied to actions. Before an order makes its way into the delivery desk, a number of actions have already been taken:

  • The  rep has priced a deal.
  • Credit has been applied through the Credit Desk utility and approved by the FCO or API.
  • Documents are attached to an OBD and signed by the rep – and an email is automatically sent to the sales manager.
  • The sales manager reviews the OBD, any needed changes to credit or commissions are made. When the manager approves the document package, he marks it as complete and an email to the OC is automatically sent.
  • The order coordinator reviews the OBD, any needed changes to configuration or timeline considering orders are made. Whenever changes are made, the rep, manager and OC are automatically sent an email.
  • Finally, Credit is confirmed or denied, and an email is automatically sent to the OC and sales rep.


Template for Copier Fulfillment