Delivery Workflow Automation

The delivery workflow automation system is a comprehensive set of tools you can use to organize, automate and measure the efficiency of your fulfillment processes and resources. SalesChain allows you to define customized workflows that best represent the working steps (or Nodes) needed to complete each type of product or service that your business offers. Advanced steps may integrate with other core systems within Saleschain such as the Credit Desk utility with mark workflow steps identified as Credit Acceptance or Credit Funding to be completed.  Along the way, each step of assignment and completion is time-stamped so that we can effectively measure the timeliness of your process.

Empower Your Delivery Workflow With e-Automate Integration

SalesChain’s two-way integration with e-Automate automates every step of the order fulfillment workflow after a deal is signed. Together, SalesChain and e-Automate represent the foundation for efficiency across your entire business.  Work that is done in one system can trigger action in the other.  When proposals are created in SalesChain, operations can push this data into e-Automate to create a Sales Order. As operations assign inventory to fulfill the Sales Order, serial numbers may be loaded into SalesChain to be used in documentation and to trigger workflow steps. When a workflow step such as “Setup Complete” is detected, SalesChain can create service calls in e-Automate to eliminate manual entry. As service techs complete tasks in the Remote Tech utility,  SalesChain detects these events and completes the workflow steps. Leverage every effort of work as many times as possible to avoid duplication of effort.


Custom Workflow Notifications

As part of this configuration process, SalesChain can assist you in adding notifications to the delivery workflow processes for both users and customers. This can help you ensure that, throughout the processing of your orders, people across your business can stay up to date. Users can also track and view completed and pending steps using the SalesChain delivery desk. This utility provides access to information including progress, assignments, and schedule.

Delivery Calendar

An easy-to-use drag and drop delivery scheduling tool provides visibility and control for the delivery team while keeping everyone who needs to know informed of the timing of their orders. Reps can request dates for delivery which can then be confirmed or changed by order coordinators, who can create color-coded calendars in the system for each truck or driver. When the delivery is scheduled, a notice is placed into the sales rep’s calendar to keep them informed. Our standard delivery truck schedule notification workflow notifies drivers of their schedules several days in advance.

Case Study: Keystone Digital Imaging

In this video testimonial, Crystal Manning talks about how SalesChain’s delivery workflow management tools cut KDI’s DSO in half.

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