The delivery workflow automation system is a comprehensive set of tools that you can use to organize, automate and measure the efficiency of your fulfillment processes and resources.  There is an old saying, you can’t fix what you do not measure.  This is especially true with complex operational processes that involve multiple teams and departments like sales, order processing, the warehouse, service, and finance.

SalesChain allows you to define customized workflows that best represent the working steps (or Nodes) needed to complete each type of product or service that your business offers. Fulfilling an order for 2 copiers involves different steps than say providing IT services for a law firm. Each step of the processes may be defined with characteristics that include:

  • Sequence of work
  • Dependencies
  • Assignment of responsibility
  • Notifications of assignment and completion
  • Trigger dependent steps

Advanced steps may integrate with other core systems within Saleschain such as the Credit Desk utility with mark workflow steps identified as Credit Acceptance or Credit Funding to be completed.  The electronic signature utility can mark workflow steps identified as Delivery Certificate to be completed.

Along the way, each step of assignment and completion is time stamped so that we can effectively measure the timeliness of your process.


Keeping Everyone Informed

Throughout the processing of your orders, people across your business can track and view details using the Delivery Desk viewer.  This provides secured access to information in terms of progress, assignments and schedule.

The Order Life Cycle

Delivery Schedule

An easy to use drag and drop delivery scheduling tool provides visibility and control for the delivery team while keeping everyone who needs to know informed of the timing of their orders.  Create color coded delivery trucks to make it easy to read.  When the delivery is scheduled, a notice is placed into the sales reps calendar to keep them informed.

Two-Way Integration with e-Automate

Two systems that work as one.  Together, SalesChain and eAutomate represent the foundation for efficiency across your entire business.  Work that is done in one system can trigger action in the other.  For example:

  1. When proposals are created in SalesChain, operations can push this data into eAutomate to create a Sales Order
  2. As operations assign inventory to fulfill the Sales Order, serial numbers may be loaded into SalesChain to be used in documentation and to trigger workflow steps.
  3. As workflow steps such as Setup Complete is detected, SalesChain can create service calls in eAutomate to necessary manual entry.
  4. As service techs complete tasks in the Remote Tech utility,  SalesChain detects these events and completes the workflow steps.

Leverage every effort of work as many times as possible to void duplication of effort.