Clean data is smart data. Smart data is actionable data. SalesChain provides a comprehensive data cleansing, de-duplication, and marketing data augmentation service. Together with the US Postal Service and InfoUSA, we collect data from all of your disparate databases and perform the following:

The Process:

Step 1:  With the help of the US Postal Service, we validate the deliverability of each and every address record.  The result is a cleansed and properly formatted address record.

Step 2:  We then process each record through the InfoUSA Business Identification process, so as to validate that the business is located at the address.  The result is a verified business along with the unique InfoUSA Company Identification number as well as the parent and ultimate parent number.

Step 3:  Using the InfoUSA Company Identification number, we are able to identify duplicate records. 

Step 4:  After consultation with our customer to confirm the approach, we perform a merge on all duplicate records, combining all contacts, notes, and history. 

Step 5:  For those records that were found to be invalid addresses and not found to be viable businesses, at the discretion of the client, we will delete all or some from the database.

Step 6:  An optional service is marketing data augmentation.  In this step we will load SIC Code, Revenue, Number of Employees data fields into the system to provide effective segmentation data for sales and marketing.

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