Managing your catalogs is really easy with SalesChain…  We do it for you!

Our Catalogs Made Easy service provides a comprehensive database of products and associated accessories for over 40 major manufacturers including Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, HP.  

Having a complete and accurate catalog allows your company to then publish pricing with promotions and securitized levels to empower your sales team.  

Having accurate and secured pricing also creates certainty and trust within the order fulfillment process, which eliminates the typical redundant price validation saving time and improving productivity.

Our data store includes 

  • Manufacturer model, description, and numbers for cross referencing
  • Technical specifications including speed and power requirements to automate the generation of delivery and setup documents
  • Product dimensions, both in-place and for service access
  • Marketing descriptions, product features, and images so that beautiful and automated data sheets and proposals may be created.